Been busy

So I have been real busy with real life and hadn’t any time to work on the code. But I have came to the decision to make it a private alpha phase till it’s more stable and has been tested longer. I will build a form in the next few […]

New Client and Combat!

So this weekend I had some time to hammer out a decent usable client with a connect dialog, and built in functions for creating new users. Only issue I had was the connect dialog gaining focus to the username field. Since I’m using modal dialogs, to block the connect dialog […]

New players and saving.

So I had a few hour this weekend and last couple days to put some work on this project. So with my time I have finished up the new player system. I haven’t put a limit on characters you can make per account, I was thinking of limiting it to […]

Stats and New Character

So I had a few hours alone so I worked on a few things that make rofh closer to an alpha test again. First I actually went in and changed the way the data is stored. Instead of messy int arrays, I switched to HashMap’s and work flawlessly. No clue […]

Races and Classes

So got about an hour to sit down and work on some code. The first thing I tried was to switch the way I store all the data. Take the mobs, I load all the mobs into a int array that assign 999999 length, I load them according to there […]

Some more small fixes

So today I had some time here and there so I did some small tweaks to make it look better. I did small things like messages for moving, the ability to look into other rooms. The looking into other rooms are semi working, if you look into a room from […]

Mobs color and more!

So today was a big day for me. I spent over 12 hrs working on this project. I started the day by building a utility jar pack for a bunch of small functions I use in all of my programs. Makes calling and keeping track of them better, some of […]


So today I started by getting movement worked out, and building the code to read the room exit types. And about half way thru I noticed all the room names and desc where garbled. First part was always right but the end had random strings tagged on. So looked at […]

Wow it still works!

So I have been busy at work so never had time to play with this. So I finally packaged it all up and transferred back to my house. So I can now work on it again from home. I have yet to make a bitbucket page for this been too […]

On the road again…

So fixed my issues today with the new user class for login in. Like I said it was looking at the player class for info before it was populated. So now everything points to the user first then the player class it has loaded. I also got the login working […]