Finally new update!!!

So I finally got this to a release able state. I have done so much with this. I have redone how combat and spells display messages. I have redone how spells work with abilities. Hell even rewrote some of the mob combat. This has lots of changes in core mechanics. So need some real testing on this one. I wont guarantee everything works. I know poison being tricky, if you get poisoned sometimes with another player in the room the blocked resting flag doesnt remove. It’s a weird one and still tracking it down.

But seriously play with spells, I have done a lot of tweaking on the internal mechanics, I have made it give better messages when they fail. I also did some rework on the inventory system, so lets see how deaths work out. Also did a couple tweaks to the client nothing major you would notice minus the health bars working better. I also reworked the connections a little to see if I can get a more stable connection.

Till next time…