Couple small fixes

So couldn’t sleep last night and so I did some tweaks to the gui on the server to make my life easier. And who said layout’s was easy in java, needs to be shot. Don’t need to go into detail since no one but me will ever see this.

But tonight I couldn’t sleep again and so I decided to hit the issue with expanded abilities(shockshield). I knew the issue as soon as I saw it just had to track down which function was dropping the ball on the extra numbers. And took a min to do that, but once I did was simple as making it add the expanded values, and bam shockshield and flame shield work again.

Also looked at healing spells, not being random. I noticed they changed once when the first spell was casted and then that amount was used till the server restarted. Another issue from the ability rebuild. I was writing the value to the main ability and not a throw away clone. So made it make a clone every time it was casted and bam spells are random again. Still need to work on the message problem, but need to just re-align the message for it.

I also made it so “exp” won’t crash the game when you hit max lvl. So now you can type exp again. I will revise the chart here soon, just need to sit down and look at numbers and calcs. But my next project is the editor, it needs a lot of work.

Till next time…