I have been quiet…sorry

So I have a new job as some of you know and it takes a lot of my time up now. I have not had much time to look at the code. Right now the game has 1 major bug I need to figure out and I’m pounding my head on it and no clue why. Basically all abils casted are not actually becoming their own abil so every time it’s casted it only casts on the last person. So when you get poisoned it blocks your resting someone else gets hit with it, it set the spell poison on the new person and forgets about the old, so it never wears off and removes the block resting flag. For some reason .newInstance() is not truly working and no clue why.

So I have done some work on the editor to make map editing easier and been working on a new exp chart, still haven’t found the the sweet spot. In truth not till after holidays will I get a chance to sit down and do some real work on the game. So I haven’t forgot about you guys just brain dead at night from working on bash and linux all day. Let me tell ya Bash is not powerful without PHP backing it up.

Till next time…