Basic net code and MMud’s info imported

So I have been steadily working on this project in short burst. But got all the basic net code done, with auth and all that. Also got all the data imported in my SQL and loaded into the game. Just got to link it to some sort of code to use it. I started to work on movement, but had to stop to get all the players data in and working in place.

The only issue with that is I got it all done working with no issues, but I decided to make it use User accounts and then you have player accounts after that. That way you have your basic user account to login and then you can have multiple players on that user account. It will allow to have the account stuff to be separate from the actual player files. Anyhow in the process I really really broke it. But that’s cause so much relies on the player class info. So I have to go thru everything and look for references to player class and switch it up or move it to user class. Couple hrs and it will be back up and running, and I can move back to movement.

Till next time…