Mobs color and more!

So today was a big day for me. I spent over 12 hrs working on this project. I started the day by building a utility jar pack for a bunch of small functions I use in all of my programs. Makes calling and keeping track of them better, some of these I end up having multiples in different classes cause I forgot where they where.

But for the game I started by redoing the mob loading since some shit had change had some real ugly names. Then got mob indexing setup and headed into spawning. I have mobs spawning but no checks for regen time so permanent mobs respawn if they are in index of the room. So I end up with a lot sheriffs in town with the guards. But got lair room working so a lair room always spawns and up there max, then other rooms if they are normal rooms with an index it will have a 50% chance to spawn one mob.

If you curious what the index is, all the mobs belong to a group and in that group they are assigned an index number. And multiple monsters can have the same group and index number. Then the room has group number and then have a min index and max index. So if a spawn is called it will look for mobs in that group and randomly choose between the min and max. So if you have a rat,worm,slime,and thug. If you set them to group 1, rat’s index 1, worm’s index 2, slime index 3, and thug index of 4. Now if your room is set to group 1 and index min of 1 and max of 3. It would choose randomly between 1, 2, and 3, and have a chance to spawn rat, worm, or slime but not a thug.

After I got that all straighten out I dug into the client and started to build color system into it. I have made it so the client chooses the color, so in the future the client can change the color palette to suit the users needs. The server just sends a number on which color it wants to send. Then the client takes that number and replaces it with html color code. With html color code I can do a lot with css code to make the text appear however I want…hmm wounder if I can force images into there. That’s for another day.

I also did some work on the login system, and made the client spit out better info, also did I mention colors. Sorry really happy for color, it’s hard to stare at black and white text trying to see shit. I also worked on several other small little things here and there like a menu to display multi characters on an account. So you can have multiple guys on one account.

My next couple things I want to work on is the stats system, and finish of the spawn system checking for perm npc’s and regen time. The stat system I’m dreading on cause I will have to sit down and figure out how I want to work the stats. Do I want to go with low numbers like dnd, or higher stats like a traditional MMO. I like the simpler dnd system but the numbers are small and hard to fudge things around like you can with big numbers. So I have do some thinking on the whole system. Like what stats effect what abilities and the like. Spawn system and the finishing of room exits all rely on the stat system. And can’t really start that till I know what number ranges I will be working with.

Wow that is a lot of shit. But like I said I spent well over 12 hrs on this today tweaking and writing new code. I actually planned today coding time a week in advance and told everyone no I’m busy today. And as you can see I had some fun and did lots of dance of joy as shit worked on the first try. Today was a good day for code.

Till next time…