Some more small fixes

So today I had some time here and there so I did some small tweaks to make it look better. I did small things like messages for moving, the ability to look into other rooms. The looking into other rooms are semi working, if you look into a room from a map switch it crashes the server. But that simply will be fixed once I build the map switching setup. There is a few more small tweaks with messages to make it look better and give back more feed back.

So today I also decided to go with big numbers to make tweaking of stuff later down the road easier, and gives more space to give bonuses and upgrades. My thinking is this, if I used small numbers and wanted to give a reward to a player a +1 is a big jump, so if I wanted to give a small reward it not really possible without using fractions. But if I used larger numbers I can do small bonuses like a +25, but if want to give a major I could for like +75 or +100 or whatever in between. Anyhow I’m blabbing and I should be in bed.

Till next time…