Stats and New Character

So I had a few hours alone so I worked on a few things that make rofh closer to an alpha test again.

First I actually went in and changed the way the data is stored. Instead of messy int arrays, I switched to HashMap’s and work flawlessly. No clue why I didn’t think of this before. Makes it so much cleaner.

After that I started to work on stats and stat building. I got a rough base line of how I want to calculate all the combat. It needs lot’s of tweaking before it’s gonna be a fair balance on stats. Don’t want to make one too strong. Then I made a pretty table which also needs a tad more tweaking, so when you type “stat” you get your stats in a half way decent looking layout. Makes it easy to read at least.

Then I started the work on creating new characters section. I haven’t really done much other then add it to the menu and create a skeleton class. But it’s a start. When I get some more time I will finish fleshing it out.

Till next time…