New Client and Combat!

So this weekend I had some time to hammer out a decent usable client with a connect dialog, and built in functions for creating new users. Only issue I had was the connect dialog gaining focus to the username field. Since I’m using modal dialogs, to block the connect dialog from loosing focus and disappearing behind the screen, the setvisible call is blocked and wont finish till the the dialog is gone. So it stops me for calling a setfocus to the username textfield. And can’t call it till after it’s visible with the setvisible call. So what I ended up doing after chasing this issue around and around, I made a sub class that’s a timer. So I call this timer right before the setvisible call to start a .5 second delay call to set focus. It works about 80% of the time. Something I need to check into.

The client also has a small bug where you have to click connect a couple times, not sure why but it might be part of my flip method that enables and disables it. I need to look into this one also. But I do have a functional client that I can release and do some testing on the system, but not sure if I’m just gonna post it up this time or require people to fill out an email or some shit to register to get the download. I worry cause the code is so raw I don’t want anyone trying to break it and gain some weird java flaw. And if I limit the access I can have better control for now. We shall see I will make up my mind by this week.

Ohh yeah blathered on about that almost forgot combat! I got a very raw but 90% functional melee combat working. Players can’t die yet but if they are below 0 hps they also can’t attack. But able to move. I have added a temporary command @heal to goto full. But mobs die 95% of the time when they hit 0, I even got exp and money dropping. Even tho you can’t see it yet or pick it up they are dropping cash. The biggest flaw I have is the disengage system, I built timers to check if mobs are in combat and if so reset the timer, till it’s not engaged by anyone or it has no target. And it work’s pretty good but sometimes it just doesn’t work correctly and I think it’s part of the death of mobs not always working. So need to really look into that. But when it’s working the numbers look good and it always attacks and calcs shit right. I need to raise the starting hps a little or lower mobs actual damage a little, cause most the time it’s good but once in awhile they will land a whalp. But I have yet to give my guys any armour or real weapons yet, so I might have to work on some items soon. But after I get basic melee working 100%, ok 99%:)

I know there is a lot here but I have been actually doing a little here and there. And then a ton on the weekend and never posted. And I went really into the geek land on it.

Till next time…