Basic net code and MMud’s info imported

So I have been steadily working on this project in short burst. But got all the basic net code done, with auth and all that. Also got all the data imported in my SQL and loaded into the game. Just got to link it to some sort of code to […]

I’ve pulled the trigger!

So I have decided to go forward on the rewrite of all of the code! Yep starting from scratch with the code base, which means at least a couple months before it’s playable again. But this time around instead of using java DB I’m using mysql DB for the data. […]

Hello out there…

So like I said I would be taking a break from this project over the holidays. And boy it was a busy time, hell life is still busy. About a month or so ago I started to rewrite part of the client to make it handle new users better. And […]

I have been quiet…sorry

So I have a new job as some of you know and it takes a lot of my time up now. I have not had much time to look at the code. Right now the game has 1 major bug I need to figure out and I’m pounding my head […]

Couple small fixes

So couldn’t sleep last night and so I did some tweaks to the gui on the server to make my life easier. And who said layout’s was easy in java, needs to be shot. Don’t need to go into detail since no one but me will ever see this. But […]

A bunch of small fixes done.

So today I opened up the ticketing system and went thru it and fixed several little bugs/issues. Like being able to pick things up when heavy, dropping items was dropping equipped items first, and class tittles. Did some other DB tweaks on mobs and rooms. I fixed the room issue […]

Finally new update!!!

So I finally got this to a release able state. I have done so much with this. I have redone how combat and spells display messages. I have redone how spells work with abilities. Hell even rewrote some of the mob combat. This has lots of changes in core mechanics. […]

Wait what there is a light ahead!

So After wife made plans for me I been trying to get time to sit down and get this patch knocked out. It got to be very frustrating but figured out the issue. So now I have started to put in the new content. Got it all put in minus […]

Almost new build!

So I finally got some time to sit down and finish the rewrite of the spell system. And first few hours I was flowing code was going it was working, I was fixing bugs I had since the beginning. Then all of sudden spells started to stack and the spell […]

Slight pause in the show

So I got myself a new job, and it’s a linux sysadmin job. And part of my new job is coding bash scripts, and anyone who has done bash scripting knows it’s not the easiest language to do. And I haven’t touch bash in a little time on a daily […]