Another client update

So last few days I have been chasing bugs and trying to figure out this item bug. Well in the middle of that I decided to redo how inventory works. Before I had it just strings of text. It was sloppy and I have issues all over the place with […]

Wow so much stuff to talk about.

So I have been working on this project all week. A little here and a little there. Mainly chasing bugs! I did do two major updates, first there is a new client. Instead of your hps and mana being shown as text constantly, I built in bars into the client. […]

It’s me again…

So got a couple bug reports, and did some fixing. For some reason the mob’s weren’t dropping you as a target when you died, It was not updating the array properly. I also fixed it giving you a negative value in mana if you had none. I also made it […]

It’s open!!!

Hell has finally froze over. Yep I did some more work on this again. Sorry been busy with a couple other coding projects for Major Mud. But got those done and out of the way. And hope to use some free time on this again and get some more features […]

New Player is finished.

So I have finally finished the new player system done. Got it working pretty good, does checks on the stats now and builds the player on the server. So not much someone could do on the client side to make a massive illegal character. The method I made to check […]

Got the new player stuff done.

So finally got a chance to sit down and work on this again. Work still has me slammed, I need a to find a new job that will work me less and pay me more:) Anyhow, I found the issue with the weird bug I was having. First issue was […]

Almost got it!

So last few days been putting a couple hours here and there on this project. Trying to button up the new user creation. Got all the code written and done on both sides. Just need to sync it up and get it working. Only ran one test and it failed. […]

Classes pane done

So got some more time finally to get some more work done on this project. Since my vacation work has had me slammed. Any who, I got the class pane done. With the new card layout I’m having to redo all the frame again by hand. The code starting to […]

New character builder

So went to work on the new classes and looking at how you make a new toon really annoyed me. Has since I made it. I really don’t like that the client does the work, cause that would allow for cheating when building a new player profile. So I started […]

Almost done

So did some more work on the basic numbers of the game. I tweaked out AC and DR to use a third digit so I can control the numbers more finely. Instead of switching them to a double, I just take the number and divide by 10, so if you […]