So today I started by getting movement worked out, and building the code to read the room exit types. And about half way thru I noticed all the room names and desc where garbled. First part was always right but the end had random strings tagged on. So looked at the data and it was all messed up. And after hrs of several different ways to import the access DB to SQL a mud player hooked me up with a clean copy. I have still yet to figure out how he got it so clean.

So after I got that all cleared up, I finished up room exit settings. After that I got doors all coded up so you can open, close, and lock doors. I can move around pretty seamlessly now and got the basic movement done. I still have to work on searching for hidden exits. But after that I will move onto Mobs and spawning. Then I can move into the dirty combat, I actually can’t wait that’s when the meat of the code comes into play.

Till next time…