Races and Classes

So got about an hour to sit down and work on some code. The first thing I tried was to switch the way I store all the data. Take the mobs, I load all the mobs into a int array that assign 999999 length, I load them according to there id number. So mob with the id of 2 goes into mobs[2], mob with id 329 goes into mobs[329]. Which is great just a waste of memory in my eyes. So I tried to use ArrayLists, but it doesn’t like skipping numbers. So if you dont have a 4 it don’t want to put in 5 or above. So I switched it back, but while writing this I not sure why I didn’t use a List. Maybe next time I will try that actually.

I also got Races and Classes all coded in and loading from sql. In truth this took me 15 min, it was the the playing with the way I store the data that took the rest of my time up. But it is a step closer to something playable.

I have been thinking on the way stats work, and I think I came up with a basic plan. I came up with the basic plan on the math I want to use for building secondary stats from raw stats. Like str,dex,int will effect Martial Arts which in turns tells how well you hit mobs and others as the game goes. So with this I can start doing stat building and character building. Once I can get the character building working I can open it up again for people to try.

Till next time…